PS/728/H A3 Assistant Investigator ASB Community Safety Unit

Location: St Albans
Role: Police Staff
Department: Community Safety Unit, LPC
Closing Date: 21-01-18
This is a varied, exciting and demanding role that works closely with other teams within the CSP to reduce crime and disorder. The role will involve tackling Anti-social Behaviour within the borough of St Albans.

You will need good communication, interpersonal and decision-making skills. Your role will require you to interview suspects, victims, witnesses and to support the Constabulary at Anti-social Behaviour hearings at Court, although the CSU Sergeant retains ownership of each case. You will work closely with partnership agencies and issue verbal/written warnings, devise and implement action plans. As an Assistant Investigator you will be required to research and update corporate computer systems therefore accuracy and attention to detail are vital.

You will also need to work on your own initiative and manage your time effectively, ensuring that your supervisor-directed investigations are carried out and successfully concluded within the required timeframes. Investigations will be conducted both within the Police Station and externally.

You will need to be positive, proactive and innovative and will be trained in corporate computer systems including WebSTORM and SafetyNet. Training dependent upon skills will be based upon the investigator process and additional training ASB provided as necessary.

Other Skills and Competencies required include:

• Ability to input to and interrogate computer databases
• Ability to operate in customer facing role
• Ability to conduct directed investigations including taking statements
• Ability to identify investigative opportunities and follow investigative processes
• Understanding of the Criminal Justice System
• Ability to prepare documentation to build case files for prosecution to the appropriate standard
• Ability to work closely with partnership agencies
• Ability to adopt a problem solving approach to crime and disorder issues associated with the night time economy and specific licensed premises
• The post holder is required to have a driving license and a vehicle available at their place of work at all times. The appropriate mileage rate will be paid for any business miles incurred.

For the purposes of the application you will be expected to provide evidence against the four personal qualities below and the entry requirements:

• We are collaborative
• We analyse critically
• We are innovative and open-minded
• We are emotionally aware

There is a word count limit of 500 words per section.

Please note, if you are shortlisted for interview you will be expected to evidence against all personal qualities and the entry requirements stipulated in the role profile.

All applications must be received by the closing date.

For further information please contact PS 795 Mike Saunders on Ext 1603 or 6340

All internal staff from Hertfordshire Constabulary (including Agency Workers, but excluding Specials and Volunteers) are eligible to apply for this post.

Please note that in the first instance priority will be given to any applicants in a redeployment situation and any redeployee that applies will only need to evidence against the minimum entry requirements of the role profile.

Please note that with immediate effect: Police Staff at risk of redundancy (redeployees) are given priority for all vacant posts. This means that if a candidate is successful for a position following an interview/assessment, the role will still be available to redeployees up until the successful candidate has received a final offer of employment. Therefore it is possible that a redeployee could be offered and given priority to the vacant post up until the point that the successful candidate has received their final offer letter.

If you are currently protected under the multiple impact mechanism, please contact your HR Advisor prior to applying for this post to see how it may affect your salary.

Police Officers who accept an offer of a Police Staff role will need to retire as an Officer and if they are currently on the 30+ Scheme, will need to leave that Scheme.

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